Grundinfos gibt es hier:

localhost /home/michi # emerge -av vscode
setlocale: unsupported locale setting
setlocale: unsupported locale setting

 * IMPORTANT: 14 news items need reading for repository 'gentoo'.
 * Use eselect news read to view new items.

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies... done!

!!! All ebuilds that could satisfy "vscode" have been masked.
!!! One of the following masked packages is required to complete your request:
- app-editors/vscode-1.68.1::gentoo (masked by: ~amd64 keyword)
- app-editors/vscode-1.67.2::gentoo (masked by: ~amd64 keyword)
- app-editors/vscode-1.66.2::gentoo (masked by: ~amd64 keyword)

For more information, see the MASKED PACKAGES section in the emerge
man page or refer to the Gentoo Handbook.

Ich handhabe es so das ich in der /etc/portage/make.conf ein ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=“~amd64″ eintrage aber nach der gewünschten Kompilierung des maskierten Paketes den Eintrag mit einem # wieder auskommentiere.