sysvorOrt / # genkernel all
* Gentoo Linux Genkernel; Version 4.3.8
* Using genkernel configuration from '/etc/genkernel.conf' ...
* Running with options: all

* Working with Linux kernel 6.6.0-gentoo for x86_64
* Using kernel config file '/usr/share/genkernel/arch/x86_64/generated-config' ...
* Note: The version above is subject to change (depends on config and status of kernel sources).

* kernel: >> Initializing ...
*         >> Previous config backed up to .config--2023-11-11--11-56-25.bak
*         >> Running 'make mrproper' ...
*         >> Running 'make oldconfig' ...
*         >> Re-running 'make oldconfig' due to changed kernel options ...
* ERROR: Something went wrong: Required kernel option 'CONFIG_MICROCODE_AMD' which genkernel tried to set is missing!
* Please consult '/var/log/genkernel.log' for more information and any
* errors that were reported above.
* Report any genkernel bugs to and
* assign your bug to Please include
* as much information as you can in your bug report; attaching
* '/var/log/genkernel.log' so that your issue can be dealt with effectively.
* Please do *not* report kernel compilation failures as genkernel bugs!
sysvorOrt / # 

Der Genkernel kann mit der Anpassung –microcode kompiliert werden:

genkernel –no-microcode –install all
genkernel –no-microcode –menuconfig –install all